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What Should I Look For In A Sports Bra?

Sports Bra Is Most Important Element Of Plus-Size Workout Wardrobe

A proper-fitting sports bra is the most important element of a plus-size woman's fitness wardrobe. A sports bra helps to give you the proper support to hold your breasts in place while you work out. This is especially important for women with a large bust.

Finding the right sports bra starts with knowing your measurements. Don't buy a sports bra based on the size you think you are; take the time to actually go and get measured for the right specifications. Then, choose several different brands and try them on before you purchase anything. Different brands have different amenities and it's important to know which ones work for your body type.

The most common feature found from brand to brand is moisture-wicking, which will help to keep you cool and dry throughout your workout. Wide straps will help keep your breasts lifted and supported, without the discomfort sometimes caused by smaller straps. Most sports bras come in a soft cup design, which helps to make you more comfortable during your workout.

Do I Need To Wear Socks When I Work Out?

Wears Socks When Working Out

Don't forget your socks. Working out without socks, particularly when wearing sneakers, can help contribute to foot fungus and other conditions and infections. This happens because of the amount of chafing, movement and sweating that happens around your feet as you exercise.

If you find socks to be uncomfortable, try a thin, ankle style sock that has a barely-there feel, but still provides a protective layer between your shoe and your foot. Because let's face it, in addition to the infection and chafing factors, you simply don't want to mess up your gorgeous pedicure working out without socks!

Can I Layer Trendy Workout Separates?

Layer For Plus-Size Athletic Fashion

Layering makes for fantastic athletic fashion. It works well for plus-sizes because it allows you to wear trendy workout pieces, while still maintaining coverage over your curvy figure.

You might try experimenting with belly-baring tops and high-waisted workout pants under a baggy, airy tank. Or you can do a form-fitting tee with yoga pants. You might try wearing a colorful sports bra and a thin, white top and matching running pants. Choose outfits according to your body type and layer accordingly.

Of course, it's important to note that you don't want to layer too much because as you work out and sweat, you should be able to shed some of your pieces, if necessary.

Is It Okay To Wear Spandex When Doing Sporty Activities?

Stay Away From Spandex

Stay away from spandex. It is simply not that generous to curvy body types, outside of the undergarment arena. Clothing with spandex are often touted for their slimming effects,
which is fine in small amounts. However, it's not worth it to look
slimmer and suffer through an entire aerobics class in a pair of
too-tight spandex shorts!

Opt for clothing that fits loosely over the curves of your body. It's important that your clothing move with you when engaging in sports. This will increase your overall efficiency.

Comfort is also a huge factor. If you aren't comfortable, you aren't going to perform well. Look for airy cotton fabrics and stay away from anything that feels tight or restrictive.

Top athletic clothing brands are usually the most reliable, however, retail stores don't always carry larger sizes in stock. If you don't see your size, go online or call the manufacturer directly to see if they have merchandise in your size and how you can purchase it.

What Kind of Accessories Should I Use During My Workout?

Accessorize Your Workout Style

Accessories are not only important to everyday style, but also to workout clothing. Look for special holders for your water and/or iPod. Many of these holders are quite fashionable and can be found in a variety of designs, colors and styles.

Having both of these things readily available during your workout or activity decreases the need to stop in the middle of your session.

Also, look for fun and funky ponytail holders for your hair and matching sweatbands for your head and arms. Fingerless gloves provide protection for your hands during weightlifting and give you a retro edge to your style.

How Often Should I Switch Up My Workout Outfit?

Change Clothing Every Two Days

When purchasing separates for a workout wardrobe, be sure to stock up. Though they may live in your gym bag for days at a time, it's generally not a good idea to wear the same clothing for several days in a row. Most of the time, you sweat in your workout clothes, making them wet and....well....smelly!

Change it up daily. Be careful not to let workout gear hang out in your gym bag, it will only get stinkier and cause everything else in the bag to smell like a sweaty workout!

Does It Matter What I Wear When I Exercise?

Make Your Workout Wardrobe Stylish

If you're going to take the time to go to the gym, sweat off those extra calories and subsequently ache the next morning from sore muscles, you might as well look good while doing it! Forget the ripped sweatpants and stained t-shirts. When you are putting together a workout wardrobe, stay stylish. Not only will you look good, but you'll feel good.

A stylish workout wardrobe can motivate you to get outside or walk a few extra miles on the treadmill. Think of it like you do a new outfit: anytime you get a new shirt or skirt, you can't wait to go somewhere so you can wear it. Stylish exercise clothing gives you a little extra push to work out even when you would rather be on the sofa watching old movies.

Find bright reds, blues and yellows --- colors that will help you pep up! Purchase pants with designs and accessories to match your outfits.

Get comfortable styles that still flatter your body type. The most basic rule of fashion applies here --- if you look good, you will gain the confidence to want to show off your style --- even when working out!

Why Is Footwear Important?

Find Proper Footwear

Always, always, always wear the proper footwear. This is particularly poignant for plus-sizes, because the right support on your feet can determine how your lower body will react to exercise or sports activities.

Many major brands make choosing the right footwear easy for you because athletic shoes are marketed by activity. For example, Nike remains the premier choice for runners. Reebok makes a Sweet Surf Mesh model that is great for aerobics activity. The Adidas Lyte Speed GCS shoe is perfect for basketball players as it has been designed for quick directional changes.

Many plus-size women look for shoes in wide widths. Similar to clothing, retailers might not carry wide widths, but the manufacturer could make those large, wider styles. It's worth your time to go online or call to find out. It's important to your exercise or sports regimen to have the right support on your feet!

Should I Avoid Certain Activities Because Of My Weight?

Make Exercise Fun

Plus-size women are becoming more and more active, sparking a huge revolution among fuller figures to focus on being active and healthy, instead of numbers on a scale.

From biking to training for marathons, plus-size women are finding that they can join in on many of the activities their smaller counterparts are doing.

For example, if you are looking for a fun activity, try spinning or Pilates. Don't let your weight or size intimidate you --- and definitely don't compare yourself to the other people in class around you. You are fabulous and trying to get healthy just like everyone else and finding an activity that is fun and keeps your interest will help you in that endeavor.

What Is The Best Method For Looking For Athletic Wear?

Look For Athletic Wear According To Activity

Think light when it comes to workout clothing. Heavy, bulky fabrics make you look bigger and feel heavier. Super-light cottons that fit loosely are perfect for transitioning between various activities. The key to finding great plus-size athletic wear is to search for pieces that perform according to activity. For example, Old Navy makes a Yoga Pant that fits over curvy bodies and is supremely comfortable. These pants are great for running, walking, aerobics and more! Lane Bryant makes a mesh-inset short that touts ease of movement, which is perfect for runners or brisk walkers. Avenue's Casual Cotton Hooded Tee make biking --- indoors or out --- cozy and comfy.

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