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Can Plus-Sizes Wear Skinny Jeans?

Skinny Jeans Can Work On Plus-Sizes

Skinny jeans have made a huge comeback and are everywhere from fashion mags to celebrities. But don't let the word "skinny" fool you - this trend translates well to plus-sizes, particularly if you have great legs. The trick is to wear a long, colorful tunic-style top if you have a thicker midsection. Avoid looking bigger than you really are by choosing the right size tunic; too roomy can work against you. Instead, look for a tunic that flares out just slightly at the waist and stops about mid-thigh. If your legs are thick, wear knee-high boots to add balance to your outfit.

Keep in mind that this trend is not to be confused with a tapered leg look. Skinny legs should still have the straight, smooth silhouette that works well for fuller figures.

What Is "Boho Chic?"

Bohemian Chic On Curvy Figures

A trend that works well for plus-size teens is the bohemian chic look. Teens wear this look because of the individuality it reflects and the way it transcends different cultures and styles. The key to getting the boho chic look right is to make it look like you put forth little to no effort at all.

To put together a great boho wardrobe, you need these key pieces:

  • A beaded tank (preferably in a neutral color like tan, brown, white or black)
  • Funky, wooden jewelry
  • A stunning peasant skirt (this is the place to infuse some color --- try turquoise, red or deep gold)
  • Flared jeans
  • Long, beaded necklaces
  • Chunky turquoise jewelry
  • A cropped, button-down top to layer over your tank
All of these pieces look great on curvier figures. Remember, however, not to overdo it on one outfit. Instead, pair a peasant skirt with a plain tank and funky jewelry. On the other hand, try a bright, flowing tunic with embellished jeans and beaded flip-flops. The idea is to look relaxed and natural.

Is It Okay To Buy Plus-Size Clothing Online?

Tips For Online Purchases

Shopping online for great plus-size clothing can be convenient, quick and easy. It not only saves you time, but oftentimes you can find great deals. However, when buying online, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Know your measurements. This is important because you do not have the benefit of a dressing room when shopping online. You have to be able to peg your exact size, so knowing all of your measurements can help you make the right choice.
  • Pay attention to fabrics – they are just as important as size. A silk or and chiffon won't have the same “give” that a cotton or stretch fabric will, so pay attention to those details before making a purchase. If you fit just right into a size 18/20, consider going a half-size or full-size larger if the fabric is restrictive. Be aware of how your body generally looks in these fabrics and purchase accordingly.

Does Wearing Baggy Clothes Hide My Problem Areas Effectively?

Baggy Is Not Better

Perhaps the most important rule of plus-size fashion for teens has nothing to do with seasons, wardrobe staples or any of the other usual style terms. The right fit is everything in plus-size teen fashion.

All too often, teens make the common mistake of dressing in baggy clothing to hide a plus-size figure. Unfortunately, this only makes you look bigger. It is important for plus-size teenagers to come to terms with their shape in order to dress in clothing that is flattering and makes them look better --- not bigger.

Clothing should skim along the curves of your body. Too clingy? Toss it! Too baggy? In the trash. Look for the fit that is just right!

Will Low-Rise Jeans Look Good in a Plus Size?

Avoid Low-Rise Jeans

Low-rise jeans are a plus-size teen's enemy! This style of jean often causes unsightly bulges in all the wrong places --- think “muffin top” and weird hip bulge. Instead, look for at waist jeans that sit right at your waist. The right fit it also important. To keep a trendy look, buy bootcut, dark wash jeans. Dark denim looks great on plus-sizes and wears well with just about anything.

I Am Trying to Lose Weight. Is It Okay To Buy Clothing In A Size Smaller Than What I Currently Wear?

Buy Clothing For The Size Your Are Now

Don't purchase clothing for the size you want to be. Buying clothes in a size smaller than what you wear in anticipation of losing weight will simply not fit properly --- which means they will not look good --- and you will only set yourself up for disappointment. Do not buy clothing in the hopes that you will change your overall shape. Buy for the size and shape you are now.

If you lose weight, you can always buy new clothes or have your old ones altered.

Instead, focus on being healthy and embrace your curves and the clothing that makes them look good.

Is There A Benefit To Cutting My Favorite Styles Out Of Magazines?

Make A Flipbook Of Your Favorite Trends

Make a file of your favorite looks. This helps you to be clear when you hit the mall for some new clothes. As you flip through magazines, cut out pictures of trends you think might work well for your figure. If you look online, print out photos of pieces you like. Then, when you go shopping, take your file with you and match up what is in your file with what is in stores. It might sound like a lot of work, but if you want to be stylish and look good – it pays to put in some extra effort. There are so many different trends and ideas hitting you when you are actually in the store, it is easy to lose focus from the look you are trying to achieve. A little flipbook of your favorite styles can help you to be clear.

What Is The Benefit Of A Cinched Jacket?

Cinched Jackets Create Midsection

Cinched jackets are a great look for plus-sized teens. They create a waist --- even if you do not really have one --- and help to minimize the stomach area.

You can also get this effect by adding a belt to a regular, button-down jacket. There are varieties of different looks that work well with a cinched jacket.

For example, a pair of dark, bootcut jeans and a solid-colored button-down top with a cinched jacket looks fabulously trendy. Make sure the top is longer than the jacket to attain an overall slimming effect.

How Do I Know When Trends Will Work For My Size?

Keep Fashion In Tune With Your Body Type

Take your time when shopping fashions for plus-size teens. Find styles that complement your shape instead of trying to wear the latest fads.

Your sense of style is in place to express your individuality, a fact that most teens have a hard time dealing with. However, for plus-size teens, it is extra important not to be sucked into trying to look like everyone else.

Instead, try to focus on core styles that work for you and flatter your curves. Save blending in for your shoes, accessories and a few trendy pieces that do translate well to your size.

What Is The Benefit Of Layering?

Layering Allows Plus-Sizes To Work Within Trends

Layering is one of the best components of plus-size teen fashion. First, it is already trendy among most sizes, so you fit right in.

Second, layering allows you to wear things you might not otherwise look good wearing. For example, midriff baring tops do not always translate to plus-sizes.

However, layered over another longer, thinner shirt makes the top look great! The same applies to cropped sweaters. A huge plus-size trend is layering a cropped sweater over a longer, button-down top.

Again, by layering clothing, you can cultivate a creative, fabulous look. Try to layer with thinner fabrics so you do not end up looking bigger and bulkier than you really are. It is possible to make trendy pieces work for you; it just takes a little ingenuity on your part to make it work for your size.

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