Sports Bra Is Most Important Element Of Plus-Size Workout Wardrobe

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What Should I Look For In A Sports Bra?

Sports Bra Is Most Important Element Of Plus-Size Workout Wardrobe

A proper-fitting sports bra is the most important element of a plus-size woman's fitness wardrobe. A sports bra helps to give you the proper support to hold your breasts in place while you work out. This is especially important for women with a large bust.

Finding the right sports bra starts with knowing your measurements. Don't buy a sports bra based on the size you think you are; take the time to actually go and get measured for the right specifications. Then, choose several different brands and try them on before you purchase anything. Different brands have different amenities and it's important to know which ones work for your body type.

The most common feature found from brand to brand is moisture-wicking, which will help to keep you cool and dry throughout your workout. Wide straps will help keep your breasts lifted and supported, without the discomfort sometimes caused by smaller straps. Most sports bras come in a soft cup design, which helps to make you more comfortable during your workout.



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