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When Is The Best Time To Purchase Wardrobe Staples?

Purchase Wardrobe Staples Off-Season

Maybe you're not a shopaholic, or even a savvy shopper. If you aren't one to indulge in the latest plus-size fashion trends, purchase wardrobe staples that are off-season. You can get a fabulous bathing suit for next to nothing if you purchase it during the fall or winter. The same rule applies for winter clothes --- buy them during the summer and save a bunch of money!

Make sure you are constantly taking note of what plus-size staples you currently have in your closet and what you need. Look over each article of clothing to make sure it's still in good shape and toss what must be replaced. Keep a running list so you can get what you need when you come across a great deal!

What Is The Best Way To Find Clearance Items?

Tips For Getting Great (And Sometimes Hidden) Deals

During your shopping trip, remember that many stores have a policy of offering customers the sale price for an item the day before and day after the sales begins and ends. In most instances, you just have to ask!

When you are ready to hit the stores, shop the clearance section first. This is a handy tip for in-store or online purchases. By checking out the clearance section in the store or on a Web site, you can save up to 75% on some items. Clearance racks are usually found in the back of the store or at the bottom of the store's home page. It's worth searching for --- you'll be shocked by the money you can save.

Are There Great Clearance Deals Online?

Get Online For Great Deals

When you get home, make a list of the items you wanted, but weren't able to find at a bargain price. Now, it is time to get online. The first place to go is the clearance or sale tab. Peruse through this area to see what kind of deal you get. Often, you can score some great finds in the online clearance/sale section, especially with plus-size retailers that only operate online.

Make a list of your specific measurements and how fabrics generally drape over your curves. Cross-reference with it before you make a purchase. This will enable you to make informed choices when purchasing clearance items, which are often nonrefundable.

How Important Is It To Find A Good Deal?

How Important Is It To Find A Good Deal?

We're all constantly looking for a good deal. In the end, finding an exact item for a bargain price could be a waiting game. Depending on how trendy the item, how much you want it and how expensive the item is will determine whether it's a good idea to wait for it to go on sale. Translating plus-size style on a budget can be difficult, so consider carefully how important the item is to you, and your wardrobe!

How Do I Begin To Find Plus-Size Looks?

Clip Plus-Size Looks

Clip your favorite plus-size looks from various magazines and Web sites. Then, start looking at your local sales circulars. Flip through them and check out trendy, plus-size items that are on sale.

Clip out the coupons and save the circulars in your purse, so you have them with you when you begin shopping. Compare what you have with your plus-size clippings to see how you can translate the look for less while you are going from store to store.

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