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Finding the Right Rise for Your Body

The rise on a pair of jeans (or trousers) is the seam that goes between your legs, up the zip and up to the waistband. We often hear of low rise, medium rise and high rise - but what do they mean?

These are fairly arbitary measurements, a low rise is expected to sit down low, just above the pubic area, medium rise should sit around your belly button and high rise just below your rib cage.

But, given that women have vastly different rise measurements, ignore what the label on the jeans says and try them on. Someone with a short rise will find that a medium rise label will be a high rise on their body, whilst a woman with a long rise will find that a high rise will sit lower at around the medium rise spot, whilst what is supposed to be a medium rise will sit very low on their body.

So it's always best when trying on jeans to try on all the different rises and find out what works for your body. Sit down and see, does it come down too low at the back and expose your underwear?

The wrong rise will feel uncomfortable on your body, or include too much or too little fabric for you.

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