Wears Socks When Working Out

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Do I Need To Wear Socks When I Work Out?

Wears Socks When Working Out

Don't forget your socks. Working out without socks, particularly when wearing sneakers, can help contribute to foot fungus and other conditions and infections. This happens because of the amount of chafing, movement and sweating that happens around your feet as you exercise.

If you find socks to be uncomfortable, try a thin, ankle style sock that has a barely-there feel, but still provides a protective layer between your shoe and your foot. Because let's face it, in addition to the infection and chafing factors, you simply don't want to mess up your gorgeous pedicure working out without socks!



3/3/2015 1:42:18 PM
Sandy S said:

I'm not really one to wear a sock in general, mainly because I wear sandals or other dress shoes that go well with socks. I started going to the gym last year and continue today, as well as outdoor activities. The first months I just throw on my New Balance running shoes, not wearing socks. The workouts and just plain sweating really started to affect the skin on the soles of my feet. I never had athletes foot before now. Also, the shoes and feet started to smell horrible to say the least. A friend recommend that I look into some no show moisture wicking socks and throwing out the infected shoes. My skin cleared up after some medicated cream and wearing the socks. Also, what a difference on dryness compared to exercising without them. Their was one day I forgot my socks and I worked out without them; it felt gross.


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