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Using Colour to Create Focal Points

What is a focal point? It's the most obvious point on your body that your clothing and accessories draws your attention to. To figure out where your focal point is, stand in front of a full length mirror, close your eyes, then open them and see where your gaze is drawn to.

You can use focal points to distract people from looking at parts of your body you'd rather others didn't notice. You can do it easily with colour - we often do this unknowingly - we wear a pair of black pants and a coloured top, which draws attention to our top half.

You can also do it with coloured scarves and jewellery, coloured shoes or any other sort of design detail.

To draw attention to your face wear darker neutral colours on your body, then choose a scarf or coloured jewellery to draw attention up.

To distract from your stomach, keep your top and bottom in the same neutral colour, then wear coloured shoe and a scarf or necklace which picks up the colour in the shoe to draw attention to your face.

Just make sure you put your focal points where you want others to look.


Eyes Not Thighs

When you are wearing a colour that brings out the colour of your eyes, you will find that nobody notices the size of your thighs.

Eye enhancing colours draw attention to your eyes and face (your communication centre) and away from your body. Because everyone will want to stare into your bright eyes, they won't even notice what else is happening on your body.

How to find your eye enhancers? Go into a shop (or your wardrobe if you have a great selection of colour) and find a variety of garments that are similar to your eye colour (don't worry about the style, this is just about finding great colours). Take them to a mirror and hold the garment up under your chin, colours that bring out your eyes and make them look brighter will make you look more fabulous.

If you're not sure, shut your eyes for 3 seconds then open them, see if your gaze is drawn to your face and eyes, or to the garment. If it's to your face - bingo - you've found a great colour!

Go on, try it today!

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