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What Does an O Shape (Apple) Body look like?

O shaped bodies carry their weight through their middle. Quite often they have a slim leg (which should be shown off). Usually they have a short waist, which is why they put their weight on first at stomach, rather than on their hips and thighs like the A (pear) shape body does.

O shape bodies shoulders and hips may be narrower than their tummy, or may just be kind of even, but there is a rounded appearance. Often the shoulders are not square, but slope a little, and so the curve starts high and ends at the hips.

Often an O shape body was an H shape (rectangle) before they put on weight. It's very unusual for an O shape to have ever had a really defined waist.

Does A Layered Look Work For An Apple Figure?

Camis Perfect For Layering

Layering light fabrics looks good on apple figures. For example, a light cotton tank or cami looks great on an apple shape under a long-sleeved jacket or button-down top.

Layering can add some dimension to your midsection, helping to make you look shapely instead of thick. Do not layer thicker fabrics, however, because they will make you look bigger.

Camisoles work best for layering purposes because they are thin and often feature pretty embellishments, such as bead or scalloping, along the top edge of the top, spicing up whatever you wear over it.

They especially look good with structured jackets; just be sure you pay attention to the length of your top layer. Your apple shape dictates that jackets and tops should be long enough to hit your hip area to hide any hotspots.

What Kind Of Dresses Look Best On Apple Shapes?

Cotton, A-Line Dresses Look Best On Apple Shapes

A-line and empire dresses work well with apple shaped bodies. They hide all of your flaws and still manage to show off the good curves! This style narrows at the top and flares toward the bottom, which is why it is flattering for apple figures. Like an empire dress, it disguises your tummy and slims your overall silhouette. Choose fabrics that have a little stretch so it is forgiving to your size. Constricting fabrics might fit, but in a way that shows off your body in an unflattering light. Cotton is the best fabric for plus-sizes because it falls along the body's contours with being restrictive, so when choosing dresses, this should be your first choice in fabric.

What Kind Of Jeans Work Best For My Figure?

Look For Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut jeans add balance to your overall look. Jeans that taper at the bottom unevenly contrast with the fullness of your midsection. A pair of bootcut jeans that fall below your ankle creates a slimming effect and creates the illusion of a clean line from the waist down. Apples should also look for jeans with a little stretch in order to bring the tummy in a little and really emphasize other curves, including the hips and backside.

How Do I Know What I Can and Can't Wear for My Apple Shaped Body?

V-Necks A "Do" For Apples

Chunky clothing, such as bulky sweaters, tops that swim around your figure and long, thick jackets are a no-no for apple shapes. These styles only makes you look bigger and accentuate your full figure.

Instead, gravitate, towards v-neck shapes in your tops. V-necks work for just about any body type because they elongate your body and have a natural slimming effect. Choose a v-neck top in a material that skims your body's silhouette instead of a clingy fabric or one that is too loose.

Will Shoulder Pads Work To My Benefit?

No Shoulder Pads For Apples

Most of the other shapes are advised to wear shoulder pads to help balance out their overall figure. However, this is a resounding DON'T for apples. This will adversely affect your silhouette, making you look bigger on top. The good news is most shoulder pads that come with tops today are removeable. So heed this advice and take them out.

Looking good has a lot do with the balance of your body; it's how you determine what kinds of clothes work for your particular curves. If you have an apple shape, you have plenty to work with on top and you do not need the additional help!

What Kind Of Shirts Look Best On Me?

The Truth About Tops

Do not wear tops that feature a lot of busy detail, like ruffles, rouching or other embellishments. This calls attention to your midsection, which is the area apple shapes usually try to minimize. Shirts should fit loosely and be solid-colored with simple designs.

Anything that clings to your stomach is a no-no; therefore, shirts with a lot of Lycra are out! You want fabrics that will fall nicely over the curves of your midsection, not make any problem areas stand out.

Apple shapes look good in ribbed fabrics, wrap tops and v-necks --- all of which elongate the upper part of the body, creating a slimming effect. Great accessories contribute to a stylish look, helping to pull it all together.

What Kind of Swimsuit Looks Best On Apple Shapes?

Tankinis For Tanning

Similar to pear shapes, apples should invest in the right swimsuit style to best flatter curves. Purchase a tankini for summer --- a good option for apple-shaped women. One-piece suits can make you look larger than you are. A tankini offers coverage and adds shape to your figure.

Color is not as much of a consideration for your body type as style. Opt for good coverage, with a tankini top that ends right around your hips. If you have thick legs and thighs, a skirted design might be right for you. There are a lot of fun colors and patterns, and you have many options. The only pattern to avoid is horizontal stripes. Of course, darker colors do minimize your overall silhouette.

Have fun with your summer swimsuit style and pay close attention to the fit of your suit to avoid odd bumps or bulges.

What Kind Of Pants Work Best For My Shape?

Stay Away From Tight Trousers

Apple shapes should stay away from trousers that are extremely tailored or have a tight fit. The more well-defined a pair of pants is around your midsection, the more unwanted attention will go to that area.

Instead, focus on dark colored trousers that create a clean, straight line from hip to ankle. They should fit loosely (which is not the same as baggy) to give your silhouette a smoothness that will enhance your outfit.

Will A Monochromatic Style Look Good On My Apple Shape?

Apples Should Go Monochromatic

A monochromatic color scheme really works well for an apple body shape. Wearing the same colors on the top and bottom creates a clean, straight line that lengthens and slims the overall silhouette of the body. The best way to be expressive with this look is to mix up the fabrics.

Try a combo of cotton and chiffon for a fun, light, flirty look. For a more serious look, try a sold-colored, tweed suit. On the other hand, you can try wearing two different variations on one color. For example, dark blue on bottom and a lighter blue on top still gives you the same straight line and let's you vary your style just a little.

What Is An "Apple" Shape?

Midsection Definition Key For Apple Shapes

Plus-size women with an "apple" shape are characterized by a shapely figure that is thick throughout the middle. Apple shapes usually have ample busts, thick midsections and slimmer hips and legs.

Choose clothing for definition around the middle portion of the body. These body types look best in A-line styles. It is best for "apple" women to create looks that have a slimming effect at the waist, such wearing a funky belt with tunics and button down shirts and tailored jackets that hit just below the waistline.

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