Stay Away From Spandex

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Is It Okay To Wear Spandex When Doing Sporty Activities?

Stay Away From Spandex

Stay away from spandex. It is simply not that generous to curvy body types, outside of the undergarment arena. Clothing with spandex are often touted for their slimming effects,
which is fine in small amounts. However, it's not worth it to look
slimmer and suffer through an entire aerobics class in a pair of
too-tight spandex shorts!

Opt for clothing that fits loosely over the curves of your body. It's important that your clothing move with you when engaging in sports. This will increase your overall efficiency.

Comfort is also a huge factor. If you aren't comfortable, you aren't going to perform well. Look for airy cotton fabrics and stay away from anything that feels tight or restrictive.

Top athletic clothing brands are usually the most reliable, however, retail stores don't always carry larger sizes in stock. If you don't see your size, go online or call the manufacturer directly to see if they have merchandise in your size and how you can purchase it.



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