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Does Size Matter When It Comes To Jewelry?

Proportion Is Important When It Comes To Jewelry

Proportion is everything when it comes to accessorizing for plus-sizes. Too big can be overpowering; too small can make you look even bigger. When it comes to jewelry including earrings, bracelets and rings, this rule doesn't always apply.

However, necklaces should vary in size depending on what you are wearing. If you are wearing a busy top, with a lot of prints or embellishments, go smaller and daintier around the neck area.

If you have a thick neck, stay away from chokers and small necklaces. Longer chains look good with low-cut tops and chunky, beaded jewelry can jazz up a plain outfit.

How Do I Know If My Pantyhose Fits Right?

The Facts About Hosiery And Plus-Sizes

Hosiery and plus-size women have a love-hate relationship. There is nothing worse than trying to squeeze into a too-tight pair of pantyhose just to have them run once you have finally struggled into them. In the past, there were limited options for plus-size women, but the hosiery industry has come a long way since that point.

There are now several brands of hosiery geared towards plus-size women that make it easy to slide a pair of pantyhose without the assistance of the fire department. Control tops are helpful to help smooth out your curves, however, do not sacrifice comfort for style. Pantyhose should fit comfortably and allow relative ease of movement. Keep these tips in mind:

  • If you cannot squat down in them, they are not the right size!
  • If they roll down, they are not the right size!
  • If the area that fits around your crotch is down around your thighs, they are not the right size.
Do not get so hung on the number of the size you are wearing, that you are not willing to go up a size or two to get the right fit.

Does It Matter If I Wear Fine or Cocktail Jewelry?

Opt For Fine Jewelry

For extra-special occasions, skip the cocktail jewelry and go with the real thing. Fine jewelry can add class to an outfit; whereas cocktail jewelry can downplay the look you are trying to achieve.

Fine jewelry does not have to be expensive; instead focus on less-expensive jewels that are quality-made.

Stones should have the right style and cut; they should fit in their settings accordingly. Consult with a jeweler on what you are looking for, what your outfit looks like and what kind of style suits you.

How Much Does The Size Of Your Handbag Matter?

Pay Attention To Handbag Size And Color

The size of your handbag matters more than you think. Large handbags work well for plus-sizes because they proportion your overall shape.

Small handbags are okay for special occasions, but not for every day. Not only are they too small to hold everything you need, but they make you look bigger because of their small size.

It also pays to keep the color and pattern on your bag neutral enough to wear with anything. Funky colors and bags with big logos are okay to use when you are out on the weekends or in the evenings. For the office, keep it professional with blacks or grays.

I See A Lot of Belts In The Latest Trends. What Is The Best Way to Wear a Plus-Size Belt?

Belts Have Made A Comeback

Belts have come back in a big way. Plus-size designers are pairing belts worn high on the waist with long, button-down shirts (mostly solid colors such as white, black or red). Paired with denim jeans or a pair of black trousers, this look works well on plus-size shapes.

For a low-slung look, wear belts low on the waist. Rhinestone-studded and beaded belts are an attractive plus-size option for this look, best worn with sexy tops for night.

Does My Size Matter When It Comes To Choosing Jewlery?

Accessories Know No Limit

There is no limit to the accessories available to fuller figured women. This is one area where your overall size does not matter. Find styles that work with your clothing personality and, with the exception of handbags, do not choose according to size considerations. Experiment with jewelry and other accessories and wear what looks good on you.

What Is The Best Way To Wear A Hat?

Hats On For A New Look

To really spice up an outfit, don a fun, colorful hat. Hats are a great way to add personality to your outfit --- and cover up a bad hair day. It is important to tailor your hat to fit the occasion.

For example, you do not want to wear your favorite worn-in college baseball cap to the office. Purchase hats with your existing wardrobe in mind. Each hat should have an outfit; otherwise, you will never wear it.

Baseball caps should be reserved for days spend running errands or going to the park. Fedoras and newsboy caps are great for nights on the town. Small, colorful straw hats are good the office (though they might not last the entire day because of the comfort factor).

Wide-brim, natural straw hats are great for just about any occasion. Do not always try to hide your hair under a hat; sometimes, it is a good idea to style around your hat in case you have to remove it.

Do Plus-Sizes Need Special Sizes in Shoes?

Footwear Facts

Many trendy shoe styles come in wider sizes to accommodate larger feet. So do not attempt to stuff your foot into an average size if you have wide feet. Not only will this cause extreme discomfort, but also can cause calluses and corns on your feet from ill-fitting shoes.

Wider sizes offer better support and more space for your foot. They will fit more comfortably as well. Likewise, do not assume that just because you have a full figure, you should wear a wide size.

Additionally, some footwear cannot be found in wider sizes because foot measurements are not the only consideration. Knee-high boots, for example, are not usually found in wide sizes because the thickness of the calf is an additional factor in the overall fit. To combat this problem, look for materials that stretch to fit your foot and calf.

Before investing in shoes or boots of any kind, get your foot measured properly. This is the only way to ensure that you get a perfect shoe fit.

Can I Change My Watch Style With My Outfit?

Watches Are All-Purpose Accessory

Not only are watches a great way to keep track of time, they are also a great fashion statement. It is important to keep an everyday style as your core timepiece.

However, have fun with your watches on weekends and special occasions. Change it up from night to day. Wear a necklace timepiece. Check out one of those watches that double as a bracelet.

These days, watches come in elaborate colors and styles; change them as much as you change your outfit. So let loose and have fun with new trends.

What Kinds of Hair Accessories Work Well for the Office?

Limit Hair Accessories

Beware of hair accessories --- ones that are too bright or complex can look unprofessional. Hair accessories that wear well for the office and beyond include dark-colored pins, tortoise-shell hair clips, neutral colored headbands and hair clips that hold updos in place.

Scarves are always a great choice in hair accessories; just stay away from busy patterns. Choose accessories that complement your outfit --- not draw attention away from it.

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