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What Is The Best Way To Incorporate Color Into My Wardrobe?

Lighten Up

All too often, plus-sized women are stuck in the trap of wearing dark colored clothing. It's true, darker clothing does has a slimming effect on a fuller figure, which is the origin of this fashion principle. However, it is important that your clothing reflect your personality, as well as flatter your shape. Plus-sized women can look good in all colors, so let loose and have fun with your wardrobe.

Mix and match bright colors with solid separates for a vivacious, fun-loving look. Try tops in bright, bold reds or cool turquoise colors and capri pants in hot pink or coral. Get bold and wear a dress in a tropical hue of lemon or orange.

The key to wearing color is to wear it on your best body part. For example, if you have great legs, show them off in a flirty, colorful skirt and wear a darker color on top. Make sure the skirt is the focal point of the outfit.

Keep in mind that bright colors are often in style according to season so your outfits should fluctuate accordingly. For fall and winter months, choose rich, deep colors, like dark red, navy, orange, deep purple, chocolate and, of course, black. When spring and summer hits, lighten up your wardrobe with pinks, yellows, light blues, white, lilac, coral and light browns and tans.

Whatever you choose, jazz up your style with color and show the world your great personality through fashion!

Is Black Still Trendy?

Black Is Back, And Better Than Ever

Black is back! (Ok, it never really went away). In addition to the slimming effect it has on just about any type of figure, black also provides a polished, sophisticated and stylish look. From the little black dress (which no woman should be without) to a black power suit, black is back in a big way!

But heed this black beware: do not overdo it! Too much black can make you look austere and/or unapproachable. It is important to personalize your look when wearing black. For example, wear a crisp, classic white button-down shirt with a bold-hued accessory, such as cherry red, to complement a black suit. If you want to amp up the little black dress, choose large, sparkling jewels, such as diamonds or gemstones. Basic black pants can be work with a bright shirt, matching scarf and gold or silver accessories. Handbags are also a great way to infuse color into a black outfit.

Black is a plus-sized trend that never goes out of style. It has been -- and always will be -- the perfect go-to color when you are not sure what to wear or need a good dose of clothing confidence.

Is It Safe To Wear A Pleated Skirt?

Skirts Can Make --- Or Break --- Your Overall Look

Skirts can really flatter a plus-sized shape. From a funky denim skirt to a feminine, flirty full-length floral, the variety of skirt styles for plus-sizes are endless. There are, however, a few skirt tips to keep in mind:

  • Repeat after me: No pleats….ever. Pleats rarely look flattering on full figures. They make you look wider and in most cases have no style value for the plus-size woman.
  • Pencil skirts are a wonderful addition to the market and look good on all full figures. They are narrow from the hips to right above or below your knee. They have a slimming quality, but make your best lower body curves really stand out. As an added bonus: all legs look great in the right pencil skirt!
  • Long length flared skirts are another plus-sized “don't.” They make you look bigger and they break up the lines of your outfit that make you look streamlined and smooth with an unsightly flare at the bottom.

Do Ruffles Look Good on Plus-Sizes?

Beware of Ruffles

While it is considered one of the more romantic looks, ruffled shirts should be worn with care. They often add an unnecessary (and unflattering) layer to tops, which without any real structure, make a plus-size woman look bigger.

The key to ruffles is proportion. For plus-sizes, ruffles look best on sleeves. If you are going to wear ruffles around the neckline, stick to one ruffle and make sure it's not too big. A ruffle that is too big looks unflattering to your bust; too small and it makes the rest of you look even bigger. To be on the safe side, minimize ruffles and relegate them to shirt sleeves.

Do Wrap Shirts Look Good on Plus-Sized Figures?

Wrap Yourself In A Wrap Shirt

Wrap shirts are a plus-sized gal's best friend! A wrap shirt hugs your curves in just the right way, making you look streamlined and smooth. Wrap shirts can go with any outfit and designers always find ways to work them into the latest trends.

Choose solid colors instead of busy prints to make the shirt's versatility work for your wardrobe. Wrap shirts come in a variety of styles from a classic wrap to a faux-wrap look on the front and really enhance the beauty of a curvy figure.

What Is The Best Way To Wear A Corset?

Corsets Made A Comeback --- And Are Here To Stay

One of the coolest trends to hit the plus-size fashion industry is the corset. Corsets made a vintage comeback at the millennium and have managed to stay around. Hot retailers, like Ashley Stewart and Avenue, are still managing to incorporate them into their seasonal lines, with funky new ideas.

Corsets cinch the waist in slightly (without being uncomfortable),
giving you a nice, slight hourglass figure (even if you are not
naturally shaped that way). The best part is that this look can go for
day or night.

For the office, stick with a black or white corset and pair it with black trousers and a long white shirt. If you want to jazz up your outfit, add color with your choice of accessories. Red would be an obvious option here, but you can also wear blue, green or purple for something different. If you are a little more daring, go with yellow, lizard print heels or blue patent leather, peep-toe platform heels with multi-colored accessories on top.

For night, open the buttons on the shirt and go with another color corest like a metallic gold or silver. Sequined or glittery shoes would be a great option with this outfit.

The key to wearing a corset is to wear it with confidence. It is perhaps one of the best pieces to show off your curves in a flattering light.

What Is The Best Way To Wear Knee-Length Shorts?

Knee-Length Shorts Are Here To Stay

Knee-length shorts stormed the plus-sized fashion market in early 2006 and have yet to show signs of fading in popularity. This style is a great option for plus-sized women who traditionally shy away from wearing shorts. Knee-length shorts look best when they hit just above the knee. Some styles are cuffed; some are not --- this is a personal style preference, as either way looks good.

For the office, wear them with a collared, button-down shirt and high heels. For play, throw on your favorite tank and a pair of casual flats. To dress them up, try a form-fitting top with a funky belt and bold accessories.

Why Are Tunics Good For Plus-Sized Figures?

Tunics, Tunics Everywhere

Tunics are a plus-size fashion “do” and are versatile enough to work for any occasion. Tunics skim along the curves of your figure to show off your shapeliness, but not so tightly that any bumps and bulges show. Flowing, colorful tunics are great for plus-sizes because they fit loosely and comfortably, often coming in closer at the top and flaring out slightly towards the waist, similar to empire styles.

Going out? Pair a silk or chiffon, v-neck, Asian-print tunic with a pair of dark-colored, knee-length shorts, solid-colored high-heels and bright, dazzling accessories.

Picnic time? Try a lightweight, cotton tunic with denim capris and a funky pair of round-toe flats. For added style, throw on a newsboy cap and accessorize with silver jewelry.

For the office? Exude confidence in knit, striped or patterned tunics (black and red are a great combo!) with black slacks and reptilian pumps (think croc!). Jewelry can be bold --- a retro red and black mix --- or muted --- skinny gold or silver jewelry --- depending on your personal preference

Can Full Figures Wear Stripes?

The Truth About Stripes

We've all heard the theory on stripes: horizontal stripes add depth to your figure and vertical stripes make you look slimmer. Now, let me break through the myth and dictate the fact about stripes.

Stripes are indeed tricky and require a little fashion ingenuity, but stripes, both horizontal and vertical, can look great of fuller figures. The trick to stripes lie in their size.

Plus-sizes look good wearing thin horizontal stripes. Save thicker stripes for vertical designs. The old adage is true that thick, horizontal stripes do make a full figure look wider. However, if the lines are small and thin, that effect is diminished greatly.

If possible, save horizontal stripes for suits and outfits with accompanying jackets. The layer over the shirt stops the eye --- eliminating any “widening” effect.

Vertical and diagonal stripes can be bigger --- but even here, do not go too big. Go with small to medium stripes and try to infuse color into the outfit to avoid a drab, lifeless look.

What Should I Consider When Purchasing A Power Suit?

Exude Professionalism In a Power Suit

A power suit should be a wardrobe staple because with the right shirt, it is versatile enough to go from work to play. Pair up a power suit with a three-quarter length jacket and pants that hit the just below the ankle with a classic pair of chunky heels for a professional, plus-sized trend that never goes out of style.

This look works best when pants and jackets are the same shade. The monochromatic tone of the colors gives off a slimming effect; save the prints the shirt or camisole you wear underneath the suit. Funky accessories are the best way to make a statement with this look.

Fabric is an important consideration as well. Generally, suits in heavier fabrics, such as tweed or wool, should be reserved for the cooler months. Wear lighter, airier cottons and linens during spring and summer.

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