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Should I Gravitate Towards Clothing That Slims?

Don't Always Look For Clothes That Slim

Ladies, ladies, ladies --- don't fall too deep into the "slimming" trap. All too often, people will direct you to fashionable pieces that have a "slimming effect."

But who says we want to hide our curves? Being full-figured and curvy with a fabulous, womanly shape is wonderful you should flaunt it!

Instead of looking for clothing that makes you look slimmer, look for pieces that really make the most of your curves in the most flattering light. You want to look smooth and streamlined, which doesn't always equal slim.

Looking this good --- and voluptuous --- can only give you most confidence and increase your overall stylish appeal!

What Kind of Coat Should I Look For During Winter?

Opt For Long Coat Instead Of A Bulky Sweater

During cold weather months, opt for a quarter-length coat in place of a bulky sweater. A long coat gives you a streamlined, polished effect and can work with day or evening wear, perfect for stylish plus-sizes.

Make sure the structure of the coat isn't too boxy, because that will only make you look wider than you really are. Look for a coat that drapes softly over your curves and gives you a nice, smooth silhouette. Don't go with too-big or too-small buttons that distract from the overall design of the coat --- a good, quality coat wouldn't need that anyway!

Stay away from numerous embellishments and go with classic colors of white, navy or black. This will allow you to mix and match with other staples in your wardrobe.

What Should I Keep In Mind When Translating Trends?

The Rules Of Translating Trends

Be aware of what trends translate well to plus-sizes and which ones do not. There is nothing worse than trying to keep up with the latest trends as a plus-size woman and then ending up with an unflattering style, feeling downright uncomfortable. Here are some things to keep in mind when translating trends:

* Dresses with a straight style are a don't for plus-sizes. Wrap, empire or A-line is best.

* Skinny jeans and pants only work on plus-sizes when they don't taper at the bottom, maintain a straight line from waist to ankle and are worn with long, tunic-style tops.

* Stay away from belly-baring tops. You can love your curves and flaunt them, but you still need to be classy and realistic about the most flattering way to show off your full-figured body. Layer belly-baring tops with longer tanks underneath instead.

I Don't Like Heels. Can I Wear Flats And Still Look Good?

Don't Feel Pressured To Wear Heels

There are so many fabulous flat shoe styles available, that you can go flat and still be fashionable.

Remember, your flat shoes need to go with your outfit. If you are dressing for work, choose a pair of flats that are professional --- meaning no flip-flop sandals or torn soles. Choose solid colors and don't go overboard on embellishments, particularly if you work in a conservative office environment.

For play, however, the sky's the limit. There are an array of colors, designs and styles in flats these days. From ballerina-styles to colorful, rhinestone encrusted sandals, you can dazzle in flats just as well as you can in heels.

Don't feel pressured to walk around in heels when you can look just as fabulous ---and feel even more comfortable --- in a pair of flats.

Is It Okay To Wear Pants With Stirrups?

Stay Far Away From Pants With Stirrups

Here is a rule of fashion to follow no matter what the situation:
Ladies, no matter what you do, never, ever, ever, EVER wear pants with stirrups around the ankles. Far too many plus-sized women get into the habit of wearing these kinds of pants --- and believe me, they do not look good. Ever. With anything.

If you are looking for a comfortable pair of pants to hang around the house in or throw on to do errands, consider light athletic wear, like for example, yoga pants. Yoga pants are look enough to be comfortable and structured enough to look stylish. You can also throw on your favorite pair of jeans (find a pair with an elastic waist if buttoned styles aren't a good option for you) or clean, unripped sweatpants that fit properly.

It is possible to look good and be comfortable. You just have to find a style that works for you and stay away from the stirrups!

What Role Models Are There In Hollywood For Younger Plus-Sizes To Look Up To?

Full-Figured Actress Sets New Standards in Plus-Size Fashion

Most plus-sizes can really take a page from actress Mo'Nique's book on how to be full-figured and work it! The comedienne is coming out with her own line of clothing aimed at plus-sized women! Fat Gurl promises to be stylish and fun and help you to gain a sense of confidence in your personal style. She is also the brainchild of the Oxygen Network's "F.A.T. Chance" (which stands for Fabulous and Thick), a reality beauty pageant.

Mo'Nique constantly amazes with her style. From a short, swingy blue dress at 2004 BET Awards (in which she did Beyonce's "Crazy In Love" dance better than Beyonce herself) to her beautiful, white, strapless gown on the red carpet of the same event, she is the epitome of a super stylish, plus-sized woman.

Mo'Nique consistently talks about being a full-figured woman in an industry and society that tries to make it difficult to feel good about yourself inside and out. As this daring fashionista continues to make fashion waves and break down preconceived ideas of what a full-figured woman should look like, Mo'Nique will no doubt continue to shine ---- on the red carpet and beyond.

Can Plus-Sizes Look Good In Denim Jackets?

Check Out A Retro Denim Jacket

Jackets are tricky for fuller-figures and the right cut and style is everything. However, for casual, every day, consider a retro-style, denim jacket. They can be a fabulous way to jazz up your look just a little.

Stay away from light washes, they just make you look wider. Instead, choose a dark-wash style that falls to your hips. Make sure you choose the right style -- you should be able to button the jacket. You might consider alterations if you need to buy a larger size to accommodate a larger bust or midsection.

Denim jackets go with everything -- from matching jeans to a flowery, funky dress. Have fun experimenting and remember the right fit sets the tone for the rest of the outfit.

What Fashion Tips Should I Follow As A Full-Figured Woman?

Simple Rules For Full-Figured Women

For women who are full-figured throughout, these simple rules apply:

  • Choose outfits in monochromatic themes --- this creates a slimming effect.
  • Mix and match bold colors with darker separates.
  • Choose fabrics that drape over your curves. Clothing with too much spandex will cinch your body too tight --- and instead of creating a smooth, streamlined effect, you will end up with bulges.

What Is A Body Shaper and Why Should I Own One?

Invest In A Body Shaper

Body shapers are a good choice for just about any body type. Plus-sized women can benefit from the smooth, streamlined effect of a full-body shaper. It's important to note that your shaper should not be so tight that it leaves marks or makes you uncomfortable. The purpose isn't to suck you in too far, but to make your curves smooth under your clothing.

This is particularly poignant for dresses and outfits that hug your figure. Take advantage of stores that allow you to try on a body shaper before you purchase it. Sometimes, you need to purchase a shaper that is one size larger or smaller, depending on the manufacturer. Also, keep in mind that most body shapers have built in bras, so you should find a size that fits your bust as well.

What Kind of Lingerie Looks Good On Plus-Sizes?

Plus-Size Lingerie Options

We all want to feel sexy from time to time and lingerie is the perfect way to do that. There have been major strides in lingerie options for fuller figures and the choices are endless. Choose pieces that flatter your particular body type.

Long, flowing, thin-strapped, silk gowns are usually very flattering to plus-sizes. Choose styles with lacy embellishments on top and a deep v-neck for optimal cleavage. Short versions of this style look great on fuller figures as well.

Cute, silk short sets are another lingerie option for plus-sizes. Look for soft, pretty colors and again, shirts that really show off your cleavage.

Don't be afraid to accessorize your lingerie with beautiful jewelry and fancy bedroom shoes!

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