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What Are Good Plus-Size Denim Brands?

Best Plus-Size Denim Brands

Try on jeans before you purchase them. Take note of everything, from how they feel to how they fit around your waist, how long they are, how they flatter your midsection, backside and legs. Some of the best plus-size brands for jeans include:

  • Venezia : Marketed through Lane Bryant, Venezia has long been a plus-size denim staple. Venezia jeans have optimal tummy control and a great overall slimming look. From dark denim to light wash, they look best dressed up. Perfect for a night out; try a rhinestone-studded belt and sexy, lacy cami with light wash, slightly flared Venezia jeans.
  • Seven7 : Finally, designer jeans for plus-sized women! Also marketed exclusively through Lane Bryant, plus-sized women everywhere celebrated when Seven7 jeans announced they were designing a version of their much-celebrated, designer denim for curvy types. Not to be confused with the Seven for All Mankind brand, Seven7 jeans have been popular with smaller sizes for quite some time. The full-figured version has a variety of washes that are figure flattering and easily transition from day to night.
  • Ashley Stewart : Ashley Stewart's line of dark denim, bootcut jeans are a hands-down favorite because of their hip-slimming, booty-lifting qualities. They look good with a t-shirt and flats or a tailored jacket and matching cami. Ashley Stewart jeans are versatile and look great on all plus-size figures.
  • Baby Phat : Kimora Lee Simmons was also one of the first mainstream fashion designers to recognize the need for designer jeans for plus-sized women. Emblazoned with the classic, Baby Phat logo, these are the go-to jeans when you are looking for a shot of body confidence. They have great tummy control and have the best variety of colors and washes --- from dark denim to elaborate embellishments. From conservative to wild, everyone can find their perfect pair of jeans in Baby Phat's plus size denim designs
  • Old Navy : Old Navy perfected the low-rise cut. These jeans sit low on your waist, avoiding stomach bulge. While dark denim usually looks best on plus-sizes, Old Navy's Rocker Flare Plus-Size Jeans in Authentic wash are both stylish and comfortable. They have a permanent crease, a whisker accent and look great with a funky, retro-striped top or rocker tee and chunky accessories.
  • Just My Size : Choose from a variety of styles, like classic or petite. These jeans are meant to be comfortable and flatter your curves, so the classic style has a contoured comfort waist and a relaxed fit in all the right places. Another great thing about JMS.com jeans is the stretch denim option so you'll always feel comfortable.

How Do I Find A T-Shirt That Fits Perfect And Looks Good?

T-Shirts: Finding The Perfect Style Every Time

Even t-shirts need careful consideration: too snug clothing emphasizes bulges; too loose makes you look bigger. Here are some things to keep in mind for your next t-shirt purchase.

  • Avoid tees with busy designs (think large flowers or cartoon characters) – they are distracting and make you look like a walking advertisement!
  • Baby tees do not generally look good on plus sizes. You want a nice, loose fit that falls right below the waist.
  • Your tee should fit well around the neckline and sleeves as well as through your midsection. A too-tight tee can emphasize big arms, a thick neck and midriff bulges. To avoid this, remember the skimming philosophy: clothing should skim along your curves for a smooth contour.
  • Stay away from tees that are excessively baggy! This makes you look bigger and sloppy.
  • Solid colors are the most versatile; keep printed tees to a minimum
  • Slogan tees are fun, but keep it clean and witty.

How Important Is The Right Undergarment Fit To An Outfit?

Proper Fitting Undergarments Enhance Overall Outfit

Your outfit means nothing without the right undergarments. Proper-fitting undergarments are the key to getting your clothes to fit right. You should not wear anything that is uncomfortable or leaves angry, red marks on your skin.

  • Underwear that is too tight with the elastic falling off should go in the garbage --- immediately!
  • Bras that leave marks in your skin or do not give your breasts proper support should be tossed as well! Get properly fitted for a good, sturdy bra that holds your breasts firmly in place. Straps should stay put and the band should be comfortable.
In addition, unless they are thongs, your panties should cover your behind, not bunch up in it. The right fit underneath your clothing will help you look better and feel more confident.

What Are Some Tips To Help Me Look Smoother and More Elongated?

Elongate Your Silhouette To Look Smoother

It's not about looking skinnier, it is about looking longer and smoother. Many plus-size women are happy with their curves and do not strive to dress “thinner.” They simply want clothing that will flatter what they have. By creating an elongated silhouette, you look smoother and sleeker.

Pieces that help you to achieve this look include v-neck tops, high heels and outfits with a monochromatic theme. Avoid clothing that is too tight --- this will not flatter your curves at all.

What Kind of Dress Looks Best On A Plus-Size Figure?

Dresses For Plus-Size Figures

A fabulous dress can enhance the beautiful curves that accompany a plus-size figure. Empire waists, characterized by their high-waist design that falls just below the bust, are best for plus-sizes as they hide bulges and create a smooth contour.

The hemline should fall just above or below the knee for everyday styles; dressier gowns should fall above the ankles.

What Is The Kind of Swimsuit for Plus-Sizes?

The Skinny On Swimsuits

There are a variety of swimsuits available for plus-sizes these days --- and many of them have nothing to do with the bulky, full-coverage suits of the past. Plus-size swimwear is now getting just as fun and sexy as their smaller sized counterparts. Here is how the suits break down according to body type:

* If you are heavier on the bottom, go for a tankini with a skirted bottom. You want to go lighter in color on top and darker on the bottom for a balanced effect.

* If you are busty, go with a dark color and fuller cut on top and a light color on bottom. If you have great legs, show them off in a high-cut design.

* If you are trying to de-emphasize the stomach area, try a dark suit with embellishments around the bust area and a ruching detail around the tummy.

* If you are full-figured all over and fairly proportioned, go with a colorful one-piece with tummy and bust control.

Most experts recommend that you purchase a swimsuit a size larger than what you wear in regular clothing. However, it is important to try the suit on before you purchase it because different brands will likely give you a different fit. You might wear a size smaller from one designer and two sizes larger in another. Try it on before you invest to save yourself the headache later.

What Is "Muffin Top Syndrome?"

Stay Away From "Painted-On" Jeans

Don't become victim to the muffin-top syndrome.
If your jeans are too tight and look "painted on," toss them and purchase a larger size. Jeans that are too tight and constricted only make plus-size women look bigger, and often cause the unsightly “muffin top syndrome.” This unfortunate fashion faux-paus occurs when your jeans are too tight, causing your stomach to bulge over the top of the jeans. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it is a huge fashion don't! The best thing to remember is that all jeans look best when they fit properly. The perfect fit is within reach; it just takes a little searching to find the right pair.

What Can I Wear To Be That's Sexy and Comfortable?

Sleepwear Secrets

Fun, new styles in sleepwear is one of the well-kept secrets of plus-size women's fashion. There are more options in sleepwear than there ever has been and now fuller figures can find a variety of PJs from sexy to comfortable and casual. To find the best type for you, keep these tips in mind:

* Don't be afraid to experiment with different styles and designs. Plus-size sleepwear comes in shorts or pants; flannel or silk; t-shirts or camis; sets or separates. Get creative and try prints, funky designs and soft fabrics.

* Make sure sexy is comfortable. Do not try to be so cute and sexy that you cannot get comfortable when you go to bed. Button-down pajamas with flannel bottoms, long, silk nightgowns and cami/shorts sets can be sexy and comfortable.

* Try to maintain breast support throughout the night. If you have a large bust, opt for a cami with built in bra support to hold you in place all night long.

* Throw away sleepwear that has run its course. Anything with holes, tears, stains, frays, etc. falls into this category.

What Is The Benefit of Wearing Shoulder Pads?

Try Shoulder Pads For Balance

Shoulder pads can be a big plus-factor in plus-size fashion. But don't panic -- we're not talking about the shoulder pads symbolic of the 1980s, but a more subtle padding to balance out your curves.

Stay away from shoulder pads that are too big or square; instead, opt for a more rounded, smaller pad that gives your shoulders a little lift. Try different kinds of pads to find the one that works best for your body type.

Do I Need To Know My Measurements Before I Go Shopping?

Write Down Your Measurements Before You Start Shopping

Shopping is a sport for most women --- and plus-sizes are no exception. However, most of us have a certain amount of time set aside for finding the latest fashions, so it is important to do your homework before heading out the door. Start by writing down your measurements. This is especially important if you plan to shop online. You need bust, waist and hip sizes.

Try on some of your existing wardrobe to get a good idea of what your number size is (16, 18, 20, etc.) and your letter size is (XL, 1X, 2X, 3X, etc.). Also, write down special notes (things like wearing a specific size in a particular brand, etc.). Armed with this information, you are ready to shop.

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