Body Types: Pear or A Shape Tips

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How to Find Flattering Trousers that Fit Your Gorgeous Booty

Many women with a bootylicious body find it hard if not impossible to find a pair of trousers that fit them. Either they fit your waist, but not your hips and thighs, or the waist gapes (particularly at the back) and often you get lots of creasing a the crotch.

It's always best to fit your booty and thighs, rather than your waist, it's a simple alteration to take in the waist band, and if you are an A or Pear shape, it's best to accept that this is what you'll need to do for each pair of trousers or jeans you buy.

Look for a darker trouser, and in a fabric that has some weight (not thin or floppy) so that it falls smoothly over your gorgeous curves.

Styles that suit are the bootleg or flared shape in a mid-rise or high rise, so you can happily sitting down without the pants riding too low.

A fabric with some stretch will be much more comfortable for you.

Make sure your trousers and jeans are as long as possible (without dragging on the ground) always try on with the kind of shoes that you'll wear with them. The longer your leg-line looks, the more balanced you appear.

If you've been and tried on many pairs of trousers and nothing fits, consider having a pair of trousers made for you, it's often not as expensive as you may think and you'll get a beautifully tailored fit that enhances your shape.

What Kinds of Clothing Should I Avoid If I Am Pear Shaped?

Pear Shape Dont's

It is important to know what looks good on your pear shape to flatter your curves. However, it is equally important to realize what kinds of clothing will work against your shape.

Do not choose pieces that will make you look wider on bottom, minimizing what is best about your fantastic curves. Here are a few additional don'ts for plus-size, pear-shapes:

  • Don't wear loud prints or light colors on bottom
  • Don't wear pants that settle above your waist
  • Don't wear pants that narrow at the bottom (this will draw attention to your hips – making them stand out more than usual
  • Don't wear short skirts that fit tightly around your lower half


Belt Tips for Pears

Most women who have an A shape body have a small waist. This provides an excellent area to highlight with belts.

You will need to try on a variety of belts to find out which work best for you, wide or thin, but creating a focal point at your waist with a belt will draw attention away from your hips.

If you don't want to draw too much attention don't contrast the colour of the belt to your clothes. If you want to highlight it more, think about an interesting belt buckle or a different coloured belt from your clothes.

Just remember, that a great fitting bra that keeps 'the girls' up high will make you waist look slimmer and create a flattering silhouette.

How Should I Accessorize My Pear Shape?

Accessories Belong On Top

Most accessories for pear shapes should begin and end on top. The idea behind your entire look is to draw the eye upward. So, avoid belts and embellishments on your lower half and instead focus on accessorizing the upper portion of your body.

Scarves and necklaces are a great way to decorate your neck area; funky earrings can make any outfit sing and many bracelets, either chunky or bangle, make you look flirty and fun!

Do not overload yourself with too many different pieces, because you do not want to look busy. The idea behind accessorizing up top is to create balance by add embellishments to your best body parts.


Choosing flattering fabrics for your Pear shape body

If you're looking at clothing styles to suit your A (pear) shape, make sure that you take the fabric into consideration.

Look for fabrics that drape softly over your curves without clinging. Fabrics that stand out from your body will make it look bigger.

Look for fabrics that are not shiny (over your bottom half), so satin is not great for you, and sequins should definitely be avoided on your bottom half.

Leather is too stiff a fabric to work for your shape too, it will add unnecessary bulk (unless, it's that really buttery soft leather, which you can get away with wearing).

Fabrics need some weight, anything too flimsy will show up every lump and bump.

You may find denim jeans very hard to buy, the fabric is stiff and your shape is often not catered for by clothing designers. Look for softer denims with stretch, they are more likely to work better for you.

What Are A Pear Shape's Best Looks?

Top Looks For Pear Shapes

Top looks for pear shapes include:

  • Dark, denim boot-cut jeans paired with a tailored white shirt is a fantastic, chic look. If you really want to amp it up, add a large, colorful handbag and chunky, silver jewelry. The more you enhance your outfit, the more attention people will pay to it and not your perceived flaws.
  • For the office, try a square-necked shirt with an a-line skirt. The more flattering the neckline, the more likely it is to draw the eye upwards, taking the attention of your thighs!
  • To make the outfit interesting and trendy, choose a bold, bright color such as red or pink on top with a dark skirt in black or navy. Do not be afraid to accessorize; no matter what shape you are, accessories always enhance your personal style.


Balancing Your Hips with Shoulder Detail

You may like to minimize the size of your hips by using detail at the shoulders to balance.


Puffed sleeves on tops

Gathered/ruched sleeves on tops

Fluted/flared sleeves that end just below your bust

Shoulder details - from epaulets to sequined shoulders, these details rock on your body.

Wide necklines also flatter as they draw a line out and up. Try boat necks, sweetheart necks, large cowls and wide v-necks.

Avoid tops that have narrow v-necks, dolman sleeves, raglan sleeves and heavily gathered necklines, which can all reduce the width of your shoulders.

What Kind of Shoes Should I Wear If I Am Pear Shaped?

Footwear Can Make A Difference For Pear Shapes

The right footwear can make a big different for plus-size, pear shapes. The idea is to try to balance out the curves of your body.

Heels and knee-high boots can help do just that by creating an elongated silhouette. Not only will you likely stand taller, with better posture, but also you will look smoother and leaner.

However, comfort should always be a consideration. It is not worth it to wear uncomfortable heels all day, every day, to look leaner. Instead, try this tip for special occasions when you want to look extra good.

For every day, wear clothing that flatters you and shoes that are comfortable and keep your feet healthy.

What Kinds of Clothing Will Work For My Shape?

The Goal for Pear Shapes Is Balance

Pear shapes aim to achieve more balance for their overall figure. To achieve this, utilize the following tips:

  • Choose A-line skirts and dresses. The skirt should closely follow the contours of your curves to keep it from looking baggy and unshapely.
  • Boot-cut is your best choice in jeans. The roominess below the thigh area will make your hips look smaller.

What Kind Of Dress Will Flatter My Overall Pear Shape?

Wear A Wrap Dress

A wrap dress is a perfect addition to a pear-shape's wardrobe. It drapes over the body in such a way that the lower portion is hidden, allowing the best curves to show.

Avoid busy patterns, opt for a solid-colored dress, and let your accessories be the accent. While darker colors usually look best to de-emphasize the lower half of a pear shaped body, you can go lighter with a wrap dress because of its A-line design.

Another wrap dress benefit is that it makes the most of your cleavage, no matter how big or small. It dips just low enough to make the dress sexy, without revealing too much, making the most of your overall curves. So, be sure you wear a proper-fitting plus size bra that gives your breasts optimal support when you sport this kind of dress.

Where Should Jackets and Tops Stop On My Body?

Jackets And Tops Should End At The Hips

The hips don't lie and in this instance, they are your fashion truth serum! The hipbone is the line when all tops and jackets should end on a plus-size, pear shaped figure, because this visually divides your body into two halves, minimizing the lower half.

Stay away from any jackets that are too long and do not give you that visual break, they will only make your bottom half look bigger.

Likewise, avoid cropped tops because they have the same effect. Balance is the key to plus-size, pear shape fashion and a hip-length top or jacket will make it happen!

What Are The Characteristics Of A Plus-Size Pear Shape?

Characteristics Of A Pear Shape

A smaller midsection and bigger thighs, backsides and legs characterize plus-size pear shapes. The shoulders and bust area are usually narrower than the bottom half of the body, creating a sort of imbalanced appearance. Dressing for this body type can be difficult if you are not sure of what kinds of clothing flatter your overall shape.

Plus-size women with this shape should pay attention to how clothing flatters their best assets and choose pieces for how they help balance out their fuller, pear-shaped figure.

What Kind of Bathing Suit Looks Good On A Pear Shape?

Tankinis Best For Pear Shapes

Bathing suits are often a source of contention with pear shapes. It is hard to find a suit that fits well for the top and bottom portion for the body. This is even more complicated when you are also plus-sized.

Someone with this body type would look best in a tankini. Tankinis offer the coverage of a one-piece suit with the advantage of purchasing two pieces in different sizes to accommodate your body shape.

Pear shapes should look for bold color on top and darker colors on the bottom. The idea for this shape is to draw attention upward.

What Is The Benefit Of Wearing Shoulder Pads?

Try A Pair Of Shoulder Pads

A great way to add some balance to your appearance is to perk up your clothing with padding. Be it through a padded bra or modest shoulder pads, the extra lift will help your clothing wear in a more flattering way. These days, shoulder pads are more modest with a natural-looking, rounded shape.

Slip on a pair of shoulder pads underneath your clothing and see what a different it makes in how your clothing looks on your shapely figure. The top half of your body will likely look like it better matches your lower half, which will definitely help dissolve some of your clothing dilemmas.

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