Full-Figured Actress Sets New Standards in Plus-Size Fashion

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Full-Figured Actress Sets New Standards in Plus-Size Fashion

Most plus-sizes can really take a page from actress Mo'Nique's book on how to be full-figured and work it! The comedienne is coming out with her own line of clothing aimed at plus-sized women! Fat Gurl promises to be stylish and fun and help you to gain a sense of confidence in your personal style. She is also the brainchild of the Oxygen Network's "F.A.T. Chance" (which stands for Fabulous and Thick), a reality beauty pageant.

Mo'Nique constantly amazes with her style. From a short, swingy blue dress at 2004 BET Awards (in which she did Beyonce's "Crazy In Love" dance better than Beyonce herself) to her beautiful, white, strapless gown on the red carpet of the same event, she is the epitome of a super stylish, plus-sized woman.

Mo'Nique consistently talks about being a full-figured woman in an industry and society that tries to make it difficult to feel good about yourself inside and out. As this daring fashionista continues to make fashion waves and break down preconceived ideas of what a full-figured woman should look like, Mo'Nique will no doubt continue to shine ---- on the red carpet and beyond.



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