Plus-Size Lingerie Options

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What Kind of Lingerie Looks Good On Plus-Sizes?

Plus-Size Lingerie Options

We all want to feel sexy from time to time and lingerie is the perfect way to do that. There have been major strides in lingerie options for fuller figures and the choices are endless. Choose pieces that flatter your particular body type.

Long, flowing, thin-strapped, silk gowns are usually very flattering to plus-sizes. Choose styles with lacy embellishments on top and a deep v-neck for optimal cleavage. Short versions of this style look great on fuller figures as well.

Cute, silk short sets are another lingerie option for plus-sizes. Look for soft, pretty colors and again, shirts that really show off your cleavage.

Don't be afraid to accessorize your lingerie with beautiful jewelry and fancy bedroom shoes!



9/28/2009 5:05:16 AM
Christine said:

I recently underwent surgery ti reduce the size of my breasts and I feel a lot lighter. However I cannot wear underwire bras, only the sports bras for now. It would hurt my scars right now.


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