Check Out A Retro Denim Jacket

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Can Plus-Sizes Look Good In Denim Jackets?

Check Out A Retro Denim Jacket

Jackets are tricky for fuller-figures and the right cut and style is everything. However, for casual, every day, consider a retro-style, denim jacket. They can be a fabulous way to jazz up your look just a little.

Stay away from light washes, they just make you look wider. Instead, choose a dark-wash style that falls to your hips. Make sure you choose the right style -- you should be able to button the jacket. You might consider alterations if you need to buy a larger size to accommodate a larger bust or midsection.

Denim jackets go with everything -- from matching jeans to a flowery, funky dress. Have fun experimenting and remember the right fit sets the tone for the rest of the outfit.



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