Camis Perfect For Layering

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Does A Layered Look Work For An Apple Figure?

Camis Perfect For Layering

Layering light fabrics looks good on apple figures. For example, a light cotton tank or cami looks great on an apple shape under a long-sleeved jacket or button-down top.

Layering can add some dimension to your midsection, helping to make you look shapely instead of thick. Do not layer thicker fabrics, however, because they will make you look bigger.

Camisoles work best for layering purposes because they are thin and often feature pretty embellishments, such as bead or scalloping, along the top edge of the top, spicing up whatever you wear over it.

They especially look good with structured jackets; just be sure you pay attention to the length of your top layer. Your apple shape dictates that jackets and tops should be long enough to hit your hip area to hide any hotspots.



12/29/2011 1:13:40 AM
Mattie said:

Hey this is a great idea. I tried it already and found that it does
slim me down. thanks!


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