Midsection Definition Key For Apple Shapes

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What Is An "Apple" Shape?

Midsection Definition Key For Apple Shapes

Plus-size women with an "apple" shape are characterized by a shapely figure that is thick throughout the middle. Apple shapes usually have ample busts, thick midsections and slimmer hips and legs.

Choose clothing for definition around the middle portion of the body. These body types look best in A-line styles. It is best for "apple" women to create looks that have a slimming effect at the waist, such wearing a funky belt with tunics and button down shirts and tailored jackets that hit just below the waistline.



3/23/2009 1:39:28 PM
Elaine said:

So wrong!!! Not only an apple, but short waisted so the ready made clothes waist line cuts in way below my natural waist not at a good spot and does not work at all. A line has never worked for me. Forget the waist. Do blouson (sylish such as DaRue) and empire that does not make the boobs look like something from a Woody Allen movie. Belts...forgetaboutit.

4/20/2010 12:42:14 PM
Ann Dunne said:

You mention that apple shapes usually have thin legs Im an apple shape with fat legs also fat arms i have to cover tummy and legs as well


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