Tankinis For Tanning

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What Kind of Swimsuit Looks Best On Apple Shapes?

Tankinis For Tanning

Similar to pear shapes, apples should invest in the right swimsuit style to best flatter curves. Purchase a tankini for summer --- a good option for apple-shaped women. One-piece suits can make you look larger than you are. A tankini offers coverage and adds shape to your figure.

Color is not as much of a consideration for your body type as style. Opt for good coverage, with a tankini top that ends right around your hips. If you have thick legs and thighs, a skirted design might be right for you. There are a lot of fun colors and patterns, and you have many options. The only pattern to avoid is horizontal stripes. Of course, darker colors do minimize your overall silhouette.

Have fun with your summer swimsuit style and pay close attention to the fit of your suit to avoid odd bumps or bulges.



3/23/2009 1:46:49 PM
Elaine said:

Tankinis not for me. Only one brand...Roxanne with bra sized cups works for me. One piece with flattering details and fabric...some skirts. I am a short waisted apple or H figure with a large bosom.

5/26/2011 7:57:28 PM
lizzie said:

Tried it and I disagree with your tip. I have 4 tankinis and every top rides up on me and shows my muffin and my scars.
I need a one piece. The most tummy flattering I have found was a surplice wrap one piece with solid dark bottom and flowered top.


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