Make A Flipbook Of Your Favorite Trends

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Is There A Benefit To Cutting My Favorite Styles Out Of Magazines?

Make A Flipbook Of Your Favorite Trends

Make a file of your favorite looks. This helps you to be clear when you hit the mall for some new clothes. As you flip through magazines, cut out pictures of trends you think might work well for your figure. If you look online, print out photos of pieces you like. Then, when you go shopping, take your file with you and match up what is in your file with what is in stores. It might sound like a lot of work, but if you want to be stylish and look good – it pays to put in some extra effort. There are so many different trends and ideas hitting you when you are actually in the store, it is easy to lose focus from the look you are trying to achieve. A little flipbook of your favorite styles can help you to be clear.



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