Bohemian Chic On Curvy Figures

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What Is "Boho Chic?"

Bohemian Chic On Curvy Figures

A trend that works well for plus-size teens is the bohemian chic look. Teens wear this look because of the individuality it reflects and the way it transcends different cultures and styles. The key to getting the boho chic look right is to make it look like you put forth little to no effort at all.

To put together a great boho wardrobe, you need these key pieces:

  • A beaded tank (preferably in a neutral color like tan, brown, white or black)
  • Funky, wooden jewelry
  • A stunning peasant skirt (this is the place to infuse some color --- try turquoise, red or deep gold)
  • Flared jeans
  • Long, beaded necklaces
  • Chunky turquoise jewelry
  • A cropped, button-down top to layer over your tank
All of these pieces look great on curvier figures. Remember, however, not to overdo it on one outfit. Instead, pair a peasant skirt with a plain tank and funky jewelry. On the other hand, try a bright, flowing tunic with embellished jeans and beaded flip-flops. The idea is to look relaxed and natural.



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