Layering Allows Plus-Sizes To Work Within Trends

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What Is The Benefit Of Layering?

Layering Allows Plus-Sizes To Work Within Trends

Layering is one of the best components of plus-size teen fashion. First, it is already trendy among most sizes, so you fit right in.

Second, layering allows you to wear things you might not otherwise look good wearing. For example, midriff baring tops do not always translate to plus-sizes.

However, layered over another longer, thinner shirt makes the top look great! The same applies to cropped sweaters. A huge plus-size trend is layering a cropped sweater over a longer, button-down top.

Again, by layering clothing, you can cultivate a creative, fabulous look. Try to layer with thinner fabrics so you do not end up looking bigger and bulkier than you really are. It is possible to make trendy pieces work for you; it just takes a little ingenuity on your part to make it work for your size.



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