The Truth About Stripes

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Can Full Figures Wear Stripes?

The Truth About Stripes

We've all heard the theory on stripes: horizontal stripes add depth to your figure and vertical stripes make you look slimmer. Now, let me break through the myth and dictate the fact about stripes.

Stripes are indeed tricky and require a little fashion ingenuity, but stripes, both horizontal and vertical, can look great of fuller figures. The trick to stripes lie in their size.

Plus-sizes look good wearing thin horizontal stripes. Save thicker stripes for vertical designs. The old adage is true that thick, horizontal stripes do make a full figure look wider. However, if the lines are small and thin, that effect is diminished greatly.

If possible, save horizontal stripes for suits and outfits with accompanying jackets. The layer over the shirt stops the eye --- eliminating any “widening” effect.

Vertical and diagonal stripes can be bigger --- but even here, do not go too big. Go with small to medium stripes and try to infuse color into the outfit to avoid a drab, lifeless look.



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