Exude Professionalism In a Power Suit

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What Should I Consider When Purchasing A Power Suit?

Exude Professionalism In a Power Suit

A power suit should be a wardrobe staple because with the right shirt, it is versatile enough to go from work to play. Pair up a power suit with a three-quarter length jacket and pants that hit the just below the ankle with a classic pair of chunky heels for a professional, plus-sized trend that never goes out of style.

This look works best when pants and jackets are the same shade. The monochromatic tone of the colors gives off a slimming effect; save the prints the shirt or camisole you wear underneath the suit. Funky accessories are the best way to make a statement with this look.

Fabric is an important consideration as well. Generally, suits in heavier fabrics, such as tweed or wool, should be reserved for the cooler months. Wear lighter, airier cottons and linens during spring and summer.



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