Black Is Back, And Better Than Ever

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Is Black Still Trendy?

Black Is Back, And Better Than Ever

Black is back! (Ok, it never really went away). In addition to the slimming effect it has on just about any type of figure, black also provides a polished, sophisticated and stylish look. From the little black dress (which no woman should be without) to a black power suit, black is back in a big way!

But heed this black beware: do not overdo it! Too much black can make you look austere and/or unapproachable. It is important to personalize your look when wearing black. For example, wear a crisp, classic white button-down shirt with a bold-hued accessory, such as cherry red, to complement a black suit. If you want to amp up the little black dress, choose large, sparkling jewels, such as diamonds or gemstones. Basic black pants can be work with a bright shirt, matching scarf and gold or silver accessories. Handbags are also a great way to infuse color into a black outfit.

Black is a plus-sized trend that never goes out of style. It has been -- and always will be -- the perfect go-to color when you are not sure what to wear or need a good dose of clothing confidence.



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