Choosing flattering fabrics for your Pear shape body

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Choosing flattering fabrics for your Pear shape body

If you're looking at clothing styles to suit your A (pear) shape, make sure that you take the fabric into consideration.

Look for fabrics that drape softly over your curves without clinging. Fabrics that stand out from your body will make it look bigger.

Look for fabrics that are not shiny (over your bottom half), so satin is not great for you, and sequins should definitely be avoided on your bottom half.

Leather is too stiff a fabric to work for your shape too, it will add unnecessary bulk (unless, it's that really buttery soft leather, which you can get away with wearing).

Fabrics need some weight, anything too flimsy will show up every lump and bump.

You may find denim jeans very hard to buy, the fabric is stiff and your shape is often not catered for by clothing designers. Look for softer denims with stretch, they are more likely to work better for you.



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