How to Find Flattering Trousers that Fit Your Gorgeous Booty

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How to Find Flattering Trousers that Fit Your Gorgeous Booty

Many women with a bootylicious body find it hard if not impossible to find a pair of trousers that fit them. Either they fit your waist, but not your hips and thighs, or the waist gapes (particularly at the back) and often you get lots of creasing a the crotch.

It's always best to fit your booty and thighs, rather than your waist, it's a simple alteration to take in the waist band, and if you are an A or Pear shape, it's best to accept that this is what you'll need to do for each pair of trousers or jeans you buy.

Look for a darker trouser, and in a fabric that has some weight (not thin or floppy) so that it falls smoothly over your gorgeous curves.

Styles that suit are the bootleg or flared shape in a mid-rise or high rise, so you can happily sitting down without the pants riding too low.

A fabric with some stretch will be much more comfortable for you.

Make sure your trousers and jeans are as long as possible (without dragging on the ground) always try on with the kind of shoes that you'll wear with them. The longer your leg-line looks, the more balanced you appear.

If you've been and tried on many pairs of trousers and nothing fits, consider having a pair of trousers made for you, it's often not as expensive as you may think and you'll get a beautifully tailored fit that enhances your shape.



7/2/2011 4:44:02 PM
Anne said:

I've known about these tips most of my adult life. But Where can I FIND clothes that have an actual waist and hips? Everything these days is made for apple shapes, so not only is it more depressing to try to find a pair of pants with a waist smaller than the hips and rom for my thighs, but now the tops all have toothpick arms on them. I used to make all of my clothes, but since it became cheaper to buy than to make, the fabric stores don't carry cloth for clothing any more.


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