The Skinny On Swimsuits

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What Is The Kind of Swimsuit for Plus-Sizes?

The Skinny On Swimsuits

There are a variety of swimsuits available for plus-sizes these days --- and many of them have nothing to do with the bulky, full-coverage suits of the past. Plus-size swimwear is now getting just as fun and sexy as their smaller sized counterparts. Here is how the suits break down according to body type:

* If you are heavier on the bottom, go for a tankini with a skirted bottom. You want to go lighter in color on top and darker on the bottom for a balanced effect.

* If you are busty, go with a dark color and fuller cut on top and a light color on bottom. If you have great legs, show them off in a high-cut design.

* If you are trying to de-emphasize the stomach area, try a dark suit with embellishments around the bust area and a ruching detail around the tummy.

* If you are full-figured all over and fairly proportioned, go with a colorful one-piece with tummy and bust control.

Most experts recommend that you purchase a swimsuit a size larger than what you wear in regular clothing. However, it is important to try the suit on before you purchase it because different brands will likely give you a different fit. You might wear a size smaller from one designer and two sizes larger in another. Try it on before you invest to save yourself the headache later.



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