How To Choose The Right Body Shaper

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What Is A Body Shaper?

How To Choose The Right Body Shaper

One of the most important pieces in the plus size lingerie arsenal is the body shaper. No longer your grandmother's girdle, today's body shapers are comfortable and stylish. A body shaper conforms to the curves of your body, softening them and streamlining any extra bulges. Similar to a girdle, it provides extra coverage around certain areas of your body, including the stomach, thighs, waist and back.

The variety of styles is endless and can work for so many different clothing types. If you are attending a special event and are wearing a close fitting dress, try a full-length slip that rounds the curves around your hips and derriere. If you are wearing a tight-fitting skirt, try a short-style body shaper to hug your thighs and lift your rear. There are so many different styles that it's best to choose one according to your body type and what you want to minimize. Above all, make sure the fit of plus size lingerie is comfortable and flattering to your curves.



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