Try A Swim Dress

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What Is A Swim Dress?

Try A Swim Dress

A one-piece swim dress is another great swimwear option for plus size women. Providing full coverage, this style is perfect for plus size women who might be a bit skittish about wearing a swimsuit. Swim dresses are one-piece, usually with a tank-style top and a skirt on bottom. From spandex to mesh, they are come in all different types of material. Today's swim dresses are fun and full of color. They can be found in a variety of prints, from floral to stripes and all colors of the rainbow.

For women looking for swimsuits plus size, a swim dress is a great choice. Some styles dip lower on top, playing up curves and cleavage. Some styles have a flirty ruffle on the skirt, showing off great thighs and legs. There are styles for every plus size body type. Choose a style that works for your body and personality.



3/26/2008 11:35:02 AM
Alicia said:

The big problem I have with swimdresses is that no matter how light the material they seem to never dry..Thus, when getting out a pool, even with a towel on the suit constantly drips..


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