Try A Suit For Plus Size Petite Fashion

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What Should I Look For In A Good Suit?

Try A Suit For Plus Size Petite Fashion

One of the most flattering plus size clothing styles for plus size petite women is a good quality suit. Look for a monochromatic style for a smooth, streamlined effect and a skirt that hits about mid-calf. The unbroken lines of a monochromatic style give the illusion of height and softens curves. Plus size petite suits can be dressed up or down, using various accessories. If you are heavier on the top, go with a lighter colored cami or jacket. If you are heavier on bottom, choose a darker suit and play with colorful camis and accessories.

Also, plus size petite women should not feel pressured to wear heels when dressing up; there are plenty of trendy flats available each season that are far more comfortable and still look fabulous paired with the right suit.



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