Smooth Curves With A Body Shaper

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What Is A Body Shaper?

Smooth Curves With A Body Shaper

One of the biggest pressures for plus size women is finding clothes that flatter her curves. This can cause disastrous results in the form of clothing that doesn't fit properly or flatter curves in just the right way. However, dressing slimmer shouldn't be the main goal. Instead, it's important to "smooth" your curves and soften them with proper choices in clothing and undergarments.

Try wearing a body shaper. No longer stiff and uncomfortable, today's body shapers softly round your curves, flattering them underneath your clothing. Body shapers are not only perfect for special occasion plus size clothing, but for everyday styles, particularly those that are meant to hug your figure.

When shopping for a body shaper, comfort and support are most important. Choose a neutral tone so it can be worn under just about anything. Remember to have the proper size around the bust area -- shop for it exactly as you would a plus size bra: look for a good fit around the cup, straps that sit firmly and comfortably on the shoulders and a solid fit throughout the stomach area.



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