Work Attire Should Combine Comfort And Style

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What Kind of Shoe Is Best for Work?

Work Attire Should Combine Comfort And Style

All too often, when we are caught up in trying to stay stylish, we negate the comfort factor of an outfit. This is especially true when it comes to footwear. Go for comfort.

You can be trendy, cute and comfortable by investing some time and effort to find three main pairs of shoes for work: amazing stilettos, mid-range pumps and a sexy pair of flats.

Reserve stilettos for those days when you need an extra dose of confidence – such as a presentation or a meeting with a new client. Only wear them if you plan to keep your movement to a minimum to avoid soreness at the end of the day.

The mid-rage pump should be your everyday shoe. A chunky heel is usually best as it offers your foot added support. Choose a neutral color that goes with most of the items in your professional wardrobe. If need be, add a gel insert into your shoe for extra comfort.

Save your flats for more casual days or trendy outfits. They will likely be more comfortable, so wear them on a day when you need to do a lot of walking or moving around the office.



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