Footwear Facts

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Do Plus-Sizes Need Special Sizes in Shoes?

Footwear Facts

Many trendy shoe styles come in wider sizes to accommodate larger feet. So do not attempt to stuff your foot into an average size if you have wide feet. Not only will this cause extreme discomfort, but also can cause calluses and corns on your feet from ill-fitting shoes.

Wider sizes offer better support and more space for your foot. They will fit more comfortably as well. Likewise, do not assume that just because you have a full figure, you should wear a wide size.

Additionally, some footwear cannot be found in wider sizes because foot measurements are not the only consideration. Knee-high boots, for example, are not usually found in wide sizes because the thickness of the calf is an additional factor in the overall fit. To combat this problem, look for materials that stretch to fit your foot and calf.

Before investing in shoes or boots of any kind, get your foot measured properly. This is the only way to ensure that you get a perfect shoe fit.



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