What Are Good Plus-Size Denim Brands?

Best Plus-Size Denim Brands

Try on jeans before you purchase them. Take note of everything, from how they feel to how they fit around your waist, how long they are, how they flatter your midsection, backside and legs. Some of the best plus-size brands for jeans include:

  • Venezia : Marketed through Lane Bryant, Venezia has long been a plus-size denim staple. Venezia jeans have optimal tummy control and a great overall slimming look. From dark denim to light wash, they look best dressed up. Perfect for a night out; try a rhinestone-studded belt and sexy, lacy cami with light wash, slightly flared Venezia jeans.
  • Seven7 : Finally, designer jeans for plus-sized women! Also marketed exclusively through Lane Bryant, plus-sized women everywhere celebrated when Seven7 jeans announced they were designing a version of their much-celebrated, designer denim for curvy types. Not to be confused with the Seven for All Mankind brand, Seven7 jeans have been popular with smaller sizes for quite some time. The full-figured version has a variety of washes that are figure flattering and easily transition from day to night.
  • Ashley Stewart : Ashley Stewart's line of dark denim, bootcut jeans are a hands-down favorite because of their hip-slimming, booty-lifting qualities. They look good with a t-shirt and flats or a tailored jacket and matching cami. Ashley Stewart jeans are versatile and look great on all plus-size figures.
  • Baby Phat : Kimora Lee Simmons was also one of the first mainstream fashion designers to recognize the need for designer jeans for plus-sized women. Emblazoned with the classic, Baby Phat logo, these are the go-to jeans when you are looking for a shot of body confidence. They have great tummy control and have the best variety of colors and washes --- from dark denim to elaborate embellishments. From conservative to wild, everyone can find their perfect pair of jeans in Baby Phat's plus size denim designs
  • Old Navy : Old Navy perfected the low-rise cut. These jeans sit low on your waist, avoiding stomach bulge. While dark denim usually looks best on plus-sizes, Old Navy's Rocker Flare Plus-Size Jeans in Authentic wash are both stylish and comfortable. They have a permanent crease, a whisker accent and look great with a funky, retro-striped top or rocker tee and chunky accessories.
  • Just My Size : Choose from a variety of styles, like classic or petite. These jeans are meant to be comfortable and flatter your curves, so the classic style has a contoured comfort waist and a relaxed fit in all the right places. Another great thing about jeans is the stretch denim option so you'll always feel comfortable.

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