Lynda Moultry
Plus Size Womens Guru

I spent more than seven years as the Specialty Publications Editor for the Tallahassee Democrat, the daily newspaper in Tallahassee, Fla. In my position, I edited and designed more than 50 special sections of the newspaper annually. I am also a freelance writer and graphic designer. I've worked with a number of organizations on copywriting, public relations, keyword optimization, newspaper anad magazine-style articles, graphic and web site design.

I am also a fashion guru. I was the editor of a monthly fashion magazine, Style, for several years. The magazine focused on fashion and lifestyle topics for women. Plus-size fashion is my passion and I work to bring it to the forefront in any way I can. During my tenure as Style editor, I was able to incorporate a great deal of plus-size fashion into the publication, increasing awareness of trends in larger sizes. I have written extensively on the topic and spoken with models, readers and major manufacturers about the plus-size fashion industry - what's missing, what's the next best thing, what works, what doesn't and more.

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