What Does a V Body Shape Look Like?

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What Does a V Body Shape Look Like?

A ' V' body shape is also called an [Inverted Triangle], or according to [Trinny and Sussanah] a [Cornet], or [Goblet shape]. The shoulders are broader than the hips, thighs or waist.

Often women with this shape feel a little less feminine, so the idea is to balance and create more curve at the hip so that the shoulders are slightly diminished.

Most V shapes don't have a defined waist, but some do, this is dependent on your body proportions (whether your body is longer or shorter than your legs).

Some V shapes have a larger bust, but many don't.



9/6/2011 2:13:00 PM
Ali said:

ah thats me, I always thought I was an apple as I have skinny legs and a thick waist and very narrow hips and a flat bum, but my shoulders are wide and my bust big, when slim I am athletic and look like a runner but as I am now, over weight I gain all the weight above the belly button so it looks as if a box is on top of stilts, although my body is longer than my legs, my legs look almost feeble compared to my strong upper body.


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