Taller Plus Sizes Do Best In Cropped Styles

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What Length Looks Best On Taller Plus Sizes?

Taller Plus Sizes Do Best In Cropped Styles

Finding plus size clothing for women who are taller than average can be difficult because most plus size clothing for women have lengths that work for average heights. So, what do you do when you are plus size and tall?

Start by embracing skirts and cropped pant styles. Skirts should hit at the knee or longer to really work for a plus size frame. Anything shorter than that on the rack will look even shorter on a tall frame. Cropped pants tend to look good on taller frames as well, but remember that crops need to hit about an inch or two above the ankle. Be sure to pair cropped pants with shirts that hit at the waist for a streamlined style.



4/27/2008 3:30:44 PM
Heather said:

Ok...these ideas are good..but what about pants? No one has come up with an idea on jeans or dress pants for tall plus size women. It's very frustrating.


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