Tips For Plus Size Womens Clothes For Triangle Shapes

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How Do I Achieve Balance On My Plus Size Triangle Shape?

Tips For Plus Size Womens Clothes For Triangle Shapes

A triangle body type, also known as a pear shape, is one of the more common plus size body types. It is defined by the following characteristics:

  • A defined midsection
  • A very prominent hip, thigh and buttocks area
  • Smaller shoulders and bust area
  • Slightly larger legs
Shopping for plus size womens clothes for this body type can be extremely difficult if you aren't sure of what to look for. However, if you remember that the goal for this body type is balance, you can achieve a very stylish result. The key is to slightly minimize the lower portion of the body to give the illusion of more even proportions. Dress darker on bottom, accessorize heavier on top. Chunky, colorful jewelry looks great on triangle body types. Stay away from any skirts or trousers that narrow towards the bottom. Don't shy away from colorful clothing, simply choose A-line or empire style cuts to make the most of your curves up top and soften the ones on the bottom.



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