Tips For Choosing A T-Shirt

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How Do I Find The Right T-Shirt For My Figure?

Tips For Choosing A T-Shirt

A t-shirt is one of the most important pieces of plus size clothing in your closet. They are comfortable, there are enough colors to match them with anything and nice ones can easily be dressed up or down. But, just because t-shirts represent the more casual side of your wardrobe, it doesn't mean there aren't things to consider when shopping for a t-shirt in a plus size catalog. After all, too snug emphasizes bulges; too loose makes you look bigger than you actually are. Here are some tips to choosing the perfect style:

  • Solid colors are most versatile; keep printed tees to a minimum. Choose t-shirts from a plus size catalog, like Just My Size, that you can mix and match easily with jeans, slacks, shoes and accessories.
  • Your t-shirt should fit well around the neckline, arms and midsection. A too-tight tee can be uncomfortable and emphasize body parts you'd rather ignore. To avoid this, remember the skimming philosophy: t-shirts should skim along your curves for a smooth contour.
  • Avoid tees that are very baggy. They make you look bigger than you are and cause your entire outfit to look sloppy.



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