Finding Your Perfect Plus Size Jeans

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How Can I Find The Perfect Pair Of Plus Size Jeans?

Finding Your Perfect Plus Size Jeans

Searching for the perfect plus size jeans seems like a nightmare for any plus size woman. It can be hard to find the best pair when there is a laundry list of requirements that include:

  • Semi-loose fit around the legs
  • Ankle length
  • Slight snugness around the derriere (providing a little extra lift)
  • A comfortable and loose fit without leaving those painful imprints around the midsection
If you know what you need to look for in plus size jeans, the search can be easier. First, a bootcut style is best for most plus size figures. They aren't narrow at the bottom or too flared, each of which can cause the lower portion of a plus size figure to look wider. Additionally, plus size jeans with some spandex for added stretch helps the denim to mold to your curves without hugging them tight enough to cause bulging. Always purchase jeans in your actual size, going too small causes your jeans to feel and look ill-fitting and too large makes you look bigger than you really are.



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