Plus Size Petites Do Well In Cropped Styles

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What Is A Good Style For Plus Size Petite Women?

Plus Size Petites Do Well In Cropped Styles

In most instances, length is a problem for plus size petite women. Trying to find plus size clothing that fits around the waist, throughout the legs and falls at a decent length can be next to impossible. There are several ways to combat this, including retaining the services of a good tailor. When you purchase quality plus size clothing, a tailor can assist you in making clothes the proper length for your height, giving you an opportunity to wear clothing that fits well.

Another option is to find clothing specifically designed for plus size petites. The Just My Size catalog even has a mini-catalog specifically highlighting their plus size petite items.

Additionally, cropped styles have become a plus size clothing staple, which greatly benefits plus size petites. Cropped pants can be worn for any occasion and look great on this body type. Long skirts and gaucho style pants are both great options for plus size women who are petite.



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