What Is A Minimizer Bra?

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What Is A Minimizer Bra?

What Is A Minimizer Bra?

Minimizer bras are worn by many plus size women who wish to downplay their large breasts in certain articles of clothing. This style of bra allows breasts to retain their natural shape while compressing the bustline and making it look smaller. Good minimizer bras can actually make you look an entire cup smaller and allow certain clothing items to fit better.

Whether it's an underwire style or wire-free, a minimizer bra should provide ample support and fit your measurements exactly. Minimizer bras shouldn't feel uncomfortable and shouldn't cause your breasts to look smashed against your chest. Rather, they should provide your breasts with shape and lift while minimizing the size of your entire bust and not just the breasts themselves.

Do you have a button down blouse that shrank in the wash? Not to worry. If you wear a minimizer bra, your blouse is probably immune from that dreaded straining near the breast area. Because your shape has been minimized, the blouse will fit nicely, flattering your entire figure.



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