How Important Is The Right Cup Size?

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How Important Is The Right Cup Size?

How Important Is The Right Cup Size?

If you've ever chosen big bras with a cup size that was too small and a band size that is too big, you're not alone. These are common errors. If you are overflowing from your cups on the sides or underneath, chances are you've miscalculated your size. Additionally, a band that is too big will allow your bra to move throughout the day, which means your breasts won't stay in the proper position.

Since big bras have become more prominent in the lingerie market, there are now better choices for plus size women. Bra manufacturers, like Just My Size, are making big bras that fit specific body types. If you're a woman who wears a plus size bra and have large breasts that don't fit in the normal A-DD sizing structure, there is a big bra for you. A properly fitted cup size will enable your entire breast to fit within the confines of the bra, with no overflow on the sides or the bottom. The band of the bra should keep your breasts in place throughout the day without any discomfort.



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