Womens Plus Size Fashion Options For Oval Body Types

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What Are Some Plus-Size Fashion Options For Oval Body Types?

Womens Plus Size Fashion Options For Oval Body Types

Plus-size women with an oval body type usually have the following characteristics:

  • A round bust, waist and hip area, all proportioned at the same size
  • A small bust
  • Slim arms and legs
This body type can also be referred to as an "apple" shape. Clothing choices for an oval body type are varied; however, there are some great womens plus size fashion options. One of the most popular choices is the v-neck shirt because it elongates an oval shape. Monochromatic clothing is also perfect for oval body types because it creates a smooth, sleek line which softens and flatters your curves. Additional options for ovals include: tunics, A-line dresses and bootcut jeans. Oval body types would do well to look for anything that provides midsection definition. Avoid materials that cling; opt instead for cottons and light linens.



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