The Trick To A Good Button-Down Fit

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What Is The Trick To Making Sure My Button-Down Shirt Fits Correctly?

The Trick To A Good Button-Down Fit

Button-down shirts are one of the staples of professional wardrobes. However, for fuller figures, they can be tricky to wear. It is important that your button-down top fit properly, otherwise you could end up with unsightly openings between buttons or an ill-fitting, clingy look.

The key to wearing a button-down shirt properly is to make sure it fits loosely enough to drape over your curves. It should be roomy in the bust area so the buttons do not strain.

Avoid tucking it into your pants unless it falls past your zipper area. A button-down shirt can make you look very professional, when worn correctly. Fit is everything --- so be sure you try it on before purchase.



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