Dos And Don'ts Of Workplace Fashion

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What Are Some Dos and Don'ts About Professional Fashion?

Dos And Don'ts Of Workplace Fashion

Your reputation at the office is important and let's face it --- wearing the wrong thing can bring about bad word of mouth --- which can unfortunately have an effect on your career regardless of your potential. Here are some dos and don'ts for the office so you can look --- and perform --- your best in your professional life.

DO dress to blend. If everyone in your office comes to work looking uber-professional, do not show up in slouchy jeans and a tank top. In turn, if your office is very laid-back, dress accordingly --- meaning casual, but neat.

DON'T bring the club to work. Just about anything you would wear out for a night of clubbing is not a good idea for work --- no matter how cute it is.

DO have confidence in yourself --- professionally and personally. Your wardrobe is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. Work it accordingly!

DON'T be afraid to wear bold power suits or incorporate funky trends into your workplace fashions. You are full-figured and have the ability to be as fashionable as the next person has. Tell yourself that and learn to believe it!



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