A Professional Wardrobe Begins At Home

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How Do I Begin To Put Together A Good Work Wardrobe?

A Professional Wardrobe Begins At Home

When putting together a professional wardrobe, start at home. Clean out your closet: before you add to clothing, it is a good idea to take stock of what you already have.

You might be surprised to learn that you already own a few timeless pieces that are great for the workplace. Give pieces you no longer wear to charity or a friend.

With your closet under control, it is time to go shopping. Before you actually purchase new pieces, look around --- both online and in your favorite boutiques. Check out large, name brand, plus-size retailers online if they are not located in your town.

Take stock of the latest trends and retailers that carry classic pieces. Remember, you are not looking for seasonal separates --- you want to purchase clothing that will wear well several seasons from now. You are also looking for clothing that will wear well through a workday. Comfort is a big factor here.



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